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The Truman Show

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    December 14, 2017 7:06 PM CST
    30 years ago Nikon om TV production company has adopted a baby, they deliberately cultivate he makes it become the world's most popular docusoaps "Truman show" in the protagonist, this company has achieved great success. But that was only one person knowing he is the drama of the only protagonist, truman.
    Truman grew up in a small town called Taoyuan Island (actually a huge studio), he is an insurance company in the town of brokers, Truman looks exactly the same with the ordinary people seem to live life, but he did not know the life of every second has thousands of camera in front #dfsdfzcvvbn1 of him, every time the whole world is watching him, but do not know all the people including his wife and friends, are the "Truman show" actor.
    Although everyone seemed to be very aware of him, everything he did from small to large had some unexpected dramatic effects, but none of them had much concern for this simple chap. Can the production of the program group due to negligence, but let the child in the Truman because of his "death" of the "father" appeared again, the "father" of the staff was immediately taken away, until after they began to doubt the Truman grief weaves a perfect lie "father and son" let them meet, so as to achieve their satisfaction the effect of.
    Many years ago a "real world" is not only the faithful audience and the show of the actor's young girl is very sympathetic to Shi Weiya Truman, <a href="">Marlboro Woman Cigarette</a> Truman on her at first sight. She gave Truman some gentle hint, he was forced to leave the studio. Remember Sylvia Truman began to reconsider their <a href="">Cigarette Tobacco Prices</a> own lives. Truman gradually found <a href="">Free Newport Coupons</a> him working in the company every one in his after began to work every day on the street near his home have the same people and cars in repeated contacts, that he can't believe is, claiming to be a doctor and have to go to the hospital every day the wife was not a doctor. Truman began to doubt the world in which he lives, including his wife, friend, father of all people cheat him, a heart of fear arise spontaneously.
    As a warning for the future, he decided to escape from the sea to his silent town at all costs, to find their own true life and true love of his people. However, Truman is underestimated in the soap opera producer, director and producer of power in one of Christopher's power. Christopher will be all designed to be almost perfect, nearly 30 years firmly to the Truman control in the surreal world of the sea.
    Several times to escape failed, Truman decided to leave this town from the sea, but he was desperate to <a href="">Newport Smokers</a> find <a href="">Marlboro Gold Original Price</a> out a part of him in front of the sea and the sky was also this huge studio, then Christopher in the great room in heaven to control things about Truman context, and tell him now is Truman the world's most popular star, he has made everything today is the ordinary people can not imagine, if he is willing to stay in the sea to continue the life of a star, Truman unmoved, resolutely toward the The Freedom Trail.
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